Chalet 241

Saint Gervais-les-Bains - Winter 2016

This is it !

What we have dreamed of, for the past five years. Our home for the 2016 Ski Season.

So all that is now left to do is to invite all our family and friends over to join us.

The Chalet is nicely located for easy access to the slopes.

You can either take a five minute drive down to the main car park to catch the St Gervais Bettex Cable Car lift up to the Plateau or catch the free shuttle bus which stops just 100 meters away.

When conditions are good you can also ski across from the Chalet to the red run just 200 meters away.

Chalet 241 is divided into two parts - Two for One!

The upper part contains the main lounge, kitchen and three bedrooms and mezzanine (two double and three single beds) sleeping ourselves and five guests.

The lower part of the chalet contains an extra two bedrooms and kitchenette (one double and a triple bunk bed) sleeping an extra five people. This part is available to us for all of January, February and Easter.

So we can accommodate up to a total of ten guests at one time.

Saint Gervais-les-Bains

The centre of St Gervais is just 1.5 miles away.

St Gervais is a very tradition French Village with numerous good value restaurants selling the local cuisine.

There are also a number of local activities for the non-skiers such as the famous Thermal Baths, Ice Skating and Swimming.

Visit the Caves, Churches, Cinemas, Museums, Historic ruins, Thermal spas, Discos, Casinos.

The ski area is vast with over 450 km of piste with easy access over to Megeve to see how the other half live.

There is plenty of easy green slopes for the complete beginner skiers to have a go with a starter lesson or two and plenty of wide blues/reds for the more accomplished skiers.

Access is very easy, St Gervais is located just 45 minutes from Geneva Airport where you can fly into using the budget Easyjet airline for around £50 off peak.

As we have no fixed arrival and departure days you could easily fly in Thursday evening and return Monday morning for a long weekend or stay for a fortnight.

Transfer to St Gervais is via train (to La Fayet where I can pick you up) or ski bus. (Alternatively I can drive over to the airport and pick you up, max four).

Free WiFi is available.

Coffee Maker. Microwave, Dishwasher, Toaster, Washing machine, BBQ. Books, DVD Player, Board Games, Stereo, UK TV etc.

Plus parking for your car if you decide to drive over.

For those more adventurous, have a go at Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, Ice skating, Curling, Mountain climbing, Paragliding, Rafting, Ski Joering and Hot Air Ballooning.

Holiday Budget?


Easyjet to Geneva from £50 return, book early.


ChamExpress €21.99 each way.

Trains from €15.40 each way.

Ski and Boot hire. 1 day = €15.50 and 6 days = €82.00

(You may be able borrow some from us, depending on size etc.)

Lift passes:

Evasion Mont-Blanc (445Km, 107 lifts) 1 day = €45.00 and 6 days = €225.00

Saint-Nicolas de VĂ©roce (35Km, 9 lifts) 1 day = €35.50 and 6 days = €184.50

Forfait Bettex (10Km, 6 lifts) 1 day = €28.00

Micro Forfait St Gervais (4Km, 3 lifts) 1 day = €13.70

Pedestrian Evasion Mont-Blanc 1 day = €16.50 and 6 days = €73.00

Usual discounts for the young and old, plus family deals (10%). Child to 14, Over 65s.

Other Information Links:

List of Clothing and Equipment you are welcome to borrow - CLICK HERE
Full details on holiday lift passes - CLICK HERE
Full details on single day and local area lift passes - CLICK HERE
Live Webcams (Once the season starts) - CLICK HERE
Weather and Snow conditions - CLICK HERE
Trail Map - CLICK HERE
Saint Gervais Ski Site - CLICK HERE
Saint Gervais Official Site - CLICK HERE

Holiday tax:

1 euro per person per day. Paid locally.

Food and Drink:

Plenty of choices. Use our kitchen, eat with us or visit the local restaurants.

Chalet Accommodation:

Our gift to you. But all donations gratefully received :)


See the diary below, please just let us know when you would like to join us.

Days Hours Minutes Seconds to go ...

We can't wait, See you in France...

John and Maddy

Videos from 2016 Ski Season

St Gervais Video taken in January - CLICK HERE
St Gervais Video taken in February - CLICK HERE
St Gervais Video taken in March - CLICK HERE
St Gervais Video taken in April - CLICK HERE

Chalet Calendar

Chalet Location

241 Chemin Du Bulle, 74170 St Gervais-les-Bains

Ski Season Blog


Starting 2nd January 2016......

Day 1 schedule, Pack CRV :) Drive to Eurotunnel...

Maddy has her Bailey's squeezed in. (For those in black and white it is just behind the kitchen sink)

Pictures from Stay at Villa Primerose

Nice traffic free journey down to the Champagne region. Villa Primrose is very nice.

Penny already at home in our Moulin Rouge room. Off to breakfast then back on the road. Loads of snow arrive just in time today :)

First Day on the Slopes

Now which skis should I use ?

Plenty of fresh snow today, this was a very rare moment of blue sky peeping through, more snow on it's way.

Legs were killing us both today, first day calves and new boots giving us hell, could only manage a couple of hours.

Second Day on the Slopes

Quick video from our second day ski at St Gervais CLICK HERE

Rain :(

First group of visitors arrive at Chalet Philippe only to find the nice snow that fell Thursday morning had all washed away from the rain that then fell for four days almost non stop. But that didn't dampen their enthusiasm to give this new sport a really good go.

Kate, Laura, Jayne, Duncan, Linda and Martin

All four new skiers had a private group lesson all day on the Friday. Laura and Martin progressing nicely the first beginner slope to the second and even the third level slopes. Day two for the newbies and they found themselves skiing right from the top of the mountain, progressing to blue slopes on day three, it is amazing how much easier it is to learn to ski nowadays with this new equipment. Luckily we even had a morning without rain on the Sunday, before they had to depart.

Saturday evening we went out for our first local restaurant meal down in St Gervais, It was a Savoyard restaurant which served my favourite dish Tartiflette :) This I followed up with Tatin Glace, complete with monkey keyring decoration.

Our road is so steep there is a sign both ends to say residents only :)

Finally...... We woke up this morning (Tuesday) to fresh snow and a steady snow fall, looking at about 1 metre up at the top, and forecast is snow all week with the sunshine following from Saturday onwards, Here we go, ski season starts properly now...

Snow, snow, snow....

Finally the real snow is falling, It looks cold, but actually it was very pleasant out on the slopes with a light to medium snow falling. Managed to get five runs in with my new boots today, still killing my toes, might need to make some more adjustments before I can finally break them in properly.

Back home again in our nice warm Chalet with a cup of Chocolat Chaud with marshmellows :)

Woke up this morning to even more snow, falling all night long right down to the village (check out the webcam of St Gervais, looks great.)

Might try the bus today, car looks a bit too buried.

Sunny Day

Today we had the best of both, new snow and sunshine. skiing above the clouds.

Standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus that wont turn up (we found out that it doesn't run in January after reading the sign properly)

The Snowman

Rest day from skiing. Time to build a snowman :)

Mont Blanc

Wow. Finally a good clear view of Monty :)

Sisters Visit

The Gang

Family meal time

Pete at the top 2435 metres

Time for a Sledge in the back garden?

Nendaz Visit

Popped over to Nendaz to visit Dunc and his friends for the day :)


Penny liked the Donkeys, reminds me of a game we played with the Goodalls and Liles last week :)

Les Contamines

Lovely day up the top today.

Fresh tracks, couldn't resist, perfect


Snowy is looking a bit melted in this unseasonably warm weather we are having. Roll on the next cold and snowy spell...

Snowy's end

The last remains of the snowman. New snow on its way though :)


Before and After . Yummy :)


Here at last

Finally we have some fresh snow again at the chalet. Just in time for the snowboarders. Some nice fresh tracks today after a rest day yesterday for me. Still suffering from my bruised ribs. But managed four hours skiing before the dose of drugs wore off. Went over to Megeve and found a lovely red and blue run with hardly anyone else there. Spot on :)


Is it that time already?

Beer O'Clock with Richard and Jon

Fresh snow and no clouds today :)


Anyone for golf?

View across the valleys

Yesterday we did the ski trail from Combloux over to La Giettaz and back. It took around 4 hours and apart from one slightly tougher blue run it was all on easy wide mostly tree lined green runs. Scenary was stunning, well worth the trip. Must get over there with some other guests. Snowing again today so will stay local and do some fresh tracks with Mat before he heads home. Off to the Kandahar tomorrow to watch the downhill live for the first time. Praying for good weather.

Big Mat and Family

After day one in the cloud. Mat and family spend day two in beatiful sunshine up at Les Contimines. Sam and Zoe coming on in leaps and bounds this year.

Resting from the Skiing

Views around St Gervais (knees needed a rest from skiing)

Penny's tenth birthday today (23rd Feb)

Sorry Penny, Megeves' prices are just too steep

So cute, pretty in pink?

Is that a cat I can see over there?

Amy and Ellie

Graham and Geoff

Graham looking for a game of golf as usual :)

Geoff with his war paint on. Hit by an iceberg so he reckons !

Jamie, Graham, Graham, Jackie, Debs and Geoff

Graham and Jackie after their long hard climb up to the Folie Douce

La Galeta , The 1 Kg of beef is being cooked to perfection yet again :)


Mont Blanc's peak peeking out of the clouds

New snow.... more still on it's way...

The second biggest dump of snow so far this season.

La Gettiaz

Amazing view across La Gettiaz. Almost as if generated by computer for a game as the perfect ski area.

Sean, Doug, Frank and Martin

La Geleta

Just some views...

Spot the 6pm shadow face.


See the avalanche


Geneva motor show, My favorite Honda NSX

Massive Truck in the village

Heath and Safety. French style

Lisa and Colin

On the tram to Les Houches

Love this mail box

Paragliding competition

They had to kick poles and land in certain areas etc.

We were so impressed Amy and I signed up to do a tandem ride the next week :)

Dave and Steve

Brothers that look so alike. Yet one is a ski virgin the other has skied all around the world. One is a great golfer the other has never played :) What have they in common? Fishing!

The grass is always greener... unless it snows of course

Watch Out!

The Happy Couple

Sean and Lucy

Right after the proposal :)

Family Time

First time for Martin and Angela on the ski slopes


Skiing or Golfing

I love both sports. I does make me very sad to see the snow melting now and the ski season coming to a close. But I am also excited to be skiing on the golf course and seeing the bunkers and greens slowing emerging ready for the golf season :)

Annie and Andy

Geleta again :)

Quick walk on the beach of lake Geneva

Saint Gervais Castle

The cork collection....

Cider to the left, Wine to the right

Fresh Snow

A couple of inches of fresh snow over night and empty pistes. Heaven. Best conditions for several weeks :)

Les Saisies

Popped over Les Saisies on our last Sunday. Great resort. Might well plan to visit again next season for a few weeks. Lovely snow. Resort is much higher than Saint Gervais.

Maddy sunning herself at Le Panaramic 2000.

Forest of Elves. Must have a go next year...

Great snow. No grass showing even in the middle of April :)

Day out in Le Fayet

Go Ape.....

Go Karking

Walk by the lake

Don't do it!